[Album] Two Jazz Project & T-Groove – NU SOUL NATION (Deluxe)(2018.05.04/MP3)


  1. New Humanist Whisper (Original Mix)
  2. Under The Pressure (Album Version)
  3. Soul Nation (Original Mix)
  4. Funky Show Time (Extended Version)
  5. Strong Love (Original Mix)
  6. Venus (T-Groove Remix)
  7. The Groove Revolution (Original Mix)
  8. Bring It Back Around (Original Mix)
  9. Diamonds (Extended T-Groove Remix)
  10. The More I Do (Original Mix)
  11. New Humanist Whisper (Original Mix)
  12. New Humanist Whisper Pt 1&2 (Two Jazz Project Version)
  13. Venus (Two Jazz Project Version)
  14. Under The Pressure (Alternate Version)
  15. Bring It Back Around (First Instrumental Version)
  16. Funky Show Time (Two Jazz Project Nufunk Lady Vocal Mix)
  17. Last Humanist Whisper (Two Jazz Project Version)
  18. Rising Star (First Instrumental Version)


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Two Jazz Project & T-Groove – NU SOUL NATION (Deluxe) (mp3)