[Album] ハンス・ジマー – True Romance (Original Motion Picture Score)(2018.01.12/MP3)

True Romance (Original Motion Picture Score)

  1. You’re so Cool (Main Title)
  2. I Think I Love You
  3. To the Club
  4. Not My Clothes
  5. I’m Your Son
  6. Father Goodbyes
  7. Stars at Dawn
  8. Alabama Hit
  9. Start Over
  10. Needed Gun
  11. Elevator Tension
  12. Police Comes In
  13. Shootout
  14. End Scene
  15. You’re so Cool / Main Title (Alternate I)
  16. You’re so Cool / Main Title (Alternate II)
  17. You’re so Cool / Main Title (Remix)
  18. You’re so Cool (Extended Single Version)
  19. Stars at Dawn (Extended Single Version)
  20. Amid the Chaos of the Day (Extended Single Version)


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Hans Zimmer – True Romance (mp3)